Fanuc ARC Mate 50iD/7L Robot

Fanuc ARC Mate 50iD 7LArc welding robot

Equipped with added reach, this latest generation Fanuc ARC Mate 50iD/7L robot is a rugged all-rounder that will maintain high quality standards in harsh working environments.

Robot specifications
Fanuc ARC Mate 50iD/7L Robot
Controlled Axes 6
MaxLoad Capacity At Wrist [kg] 7
Repeatability [mm] 0.03
Mechanical Weight [kg] 27
Reach [mm] 911
Motion Range [°]      J1 340/360
J2 245
J3 430
J4 380
J5 250
J6 720
Maximum Speed [°/s]      J1 6.45
J2 5.41
J3 7.15
J4 9.60
J5 9.51
J6 17.45
Mounting Method Floor, Upside-Down, (Angle)