Agile Flex MEGA

The Agile Flex MEGA CNC Machine Tool Loading System features MEGA sized capacity for larger and heavier parts.

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Agile Flex MEGA CNC Machine Tool Loading System Technical Specifications
Agile control software Standard
Number of drawers (standard) 4
Number of drawers (max) 8
Included nest plates 1 per drawer
Additional nest plates Option
Power supply (KvA) 12
Pneumatic pressure (bar) 6
Fanuc M-710iC/70 robot (70kg payload) Option
Fanuc R-2000iD/165FH robot (165kg payload) Option
Double 3-jaw gripper Standard
Gripper pressure control Standard
Workpiece length - 4 drawers (standard) (max) 9.5" / 240mm
Workpiece length - 8 drawers (option) (max) 4" / 100mm
Weight capacity (per drawer) (max) 880lbs / 400kg
Weight capacity - optional drawer-mount pallet (max) 500lbs / 250kg
Drawer/Pallet capacity ø1” / ø25mm (pieces) 200
Drawer/Pallet capacity ø2” / ø50mm (pieces) 108
Drawer/Pallet capacity ø3” / ø75mm (pieces) 56
Drawer/Pallet capacity ø4” / ø100mm (pieces) 40
Drawer/Pallet capacity ø6” / ø150mm (pieces) 24
Drawer/Pallet capacity ø8” / ø200mm (pieces) 12
Safety fence Option
Safety light barrier Option
Safety floor scanner Option