Agile Flex CNC Machine Tool Loading Systems

Rapidly deployed on any CNC machine, compact and affordable, Agile Flex offers maximum productivity out of the box.

  • No robot programming knowledge required
  • Easily accessible fenceless technology
  • New parts set up in-house, in minutes
  • Easy to use Agile Cell Controller

  • Multiple part types unmanned
  • No robot interface required
  • No auto-door required

  • Flexible, configurable
  • Affordable
  • Compact

Take a look at the range of Agile Flex systems:

Agile Flex 12P

Multiple part feed CNC lathe loading cell

An affordable, fenceless and productive system, ideally suited to smaller CNC machines. Read more...

Agile Flex 12D

Multiple product CNC machine loading cell

A multi-layer drawer system that increases overall capacity and unmanned run time. Read more...

Agile CoFlex 15P

Large and heavy parts CNC lathe loading cell

A true interactive solution requiring little floor space.


Agile Flex 35P

Dual CNC Machine conveyor cell

An affordable system for heavier parts and bigger CNC machines. Read more...


Agile Flex 35D

Continuous manufacturing cell

A larger capacity multi-layer drawer system for increased unmanned run time. Read more...


Agile Flex MEGA

Continuous manufacturing cell

MEGA sized capacity for larger and heavier parts.