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Get more out of your CNC machine with an Agile Flex

Get more capacity, more productivity, more flexibility, and more profit out of your existing CNC machine with an Agile Flex CNC machine loading system.

Agile Flex CNC automation systems help manufacturers to increase production volumes without increasing the number of employees or the number of machine tools.

An Agile Flex can also allow skilled machinists to focus on more complex and valuable roles such as programming rather than the tedious and time consuming manual loading and unloading of a CNC machine tools.

Rapidly deployed on any CNC machine, and offering maximum productivity out of the box, the Agile Flex offers the ability to do more with the same.

That’s why we continue ramping up our manufacturing of the compact and affordable Agile Flex CNC machine tending systems, to ensure we can help to KEEP YOUR SPINDLES TURNING.

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