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3rd Agile Flex for Logan Clutch

Significant increases in productivity from two previously installed Agile Flex robotic loading systems for CNC machine tools have led Logan Clutch to invest in yet another Agile Flex.

3rd Agile Flex for Logan Clutch

That’s three Agile Flex systems for Logan Clutch in less than 12 months – a genuine testament to the unrivalled ease of use, flexibility and efficiency of an Agile Flex CNC automation system.

The most recent machine loading automation system is an Agile Flex 35D, installed on a Mazak Integrex i-250H ST AG for the machining of gear components.

The first was an Agile Flex 35D installed on an existing Mazak Integrex i-200ST which required an Agile Auto Door to be fitted - used for machine loading of slug work up to 8” diameter.

The second was an Agile Flex MEGA installed on a new Mazak Integrex i-250H ST complete with robot interface and factory fitted auto door options – used for robotic loading of slug work up to 15” diameter.

All three Agile Flex systems are helping Logan Clutch to keep their spindles turning and meet the high demand for their products.

One More Agile Flex for Logan Clutch