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Starcyl invests in people by employing Agile Modular CNC machine tending

Starcyl Cylinders have employed an Agile Modular CNC machine tending system in their Laval, Canada facility where the company manufactures a vast variety of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders of various designs used in all sorts of industries.

The Starcyl machine tending cell is configured to handle pneumatic cylinder shafts through two operations in a Mazak Integrex j-200 machine tool.

The system consists of a Fanuc M-20iD/35 handling robot with pneumatic end-of-arm tool and infeed/outfeed racks.

Unmachined shafts are loaded by operator into any of the eight individually length adjusted, inclined, infeed racks. The robot picks the shafts from the infeed rack, accurately datums one end before loading into the machine for the first operation. The robot then removes the partially completed shaft from the machine and re-datums it before loading for the second operation. Completed shafts are then removed and placed onto any of the eight adjustable outfeed racks.

The system can process shafts that range in length from 3.5” up to 24” and diameters of 5/8” to 2” with extended unmanned production times beyond 24 hours.

The system achieves the customers tight required tolerances of 0.004” for overall length of the pneumatic cylinders.

Product and process information is input through the AgileGo! state of the art user interface which requires no robot programming knowledge and is specifically designed to be intuitive for the CNC machine tool user.

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Starcyl employs Agile Modular CNC machine tending

“It’s about putting good people in the right place within the company. We let the robot do the tedious work of loading hundreds of shafts.”

Terry Allardin, President of Starcyl Cylinders.

Founded in 1994, Starcyl is renowned for developing a revolutionary upgradeable multistage pneumatic cylinder. This innovation patented in Canada and USA combines low space usage and multiplies force by adding modular stages (STAR1 series).

Over the years, the Starcyl has expanded and developed new product lines and custom made products of pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders and presses in order to better answer increasing demand throughout Canada and the United States.