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Two Agile Flex CNC automation systems for Logan Clutch

Cleveland Ohio based Logan Clutch Corporation has employed two Agile Flex CNC automation systems in the production of their industrial brake and clutch components.

Logan Clutch have installed an Agile Flex 35D on an existing Mazak Integrex i-200ST which required an Agile Auto Door to be fitted, and an Agile Flex MEGA installed on a new Mazak Integrex i-250H ST complete with robot interface and factory fitted auto door options..

Both Agile Flex systems are equipped with four drawers and the Agile Flex 35D also has an optional top pallet to machine load an array of cast and billet blanks for unmanned machining.

Andrew Logan President Logan Clutch Corporation

Andrew Logan, President of Logan Clutch Corporation commented:

“The Agile Flex brings Logan extra added capacity, increased productivity and throughput while utilizing unmanned and after hour’s production.“


The increases in productivity have led Logan Clutch to place an order for yet another Agile Flex robotic loading system for CNC machine tools.

Logan Clutch manufactures a complete line of industrial fluid and air actuated multiple disc clutches, brakes, PTO clutches and pump drives for a variety of wet and dry clutch and brake applications.

Logan Clutch Corporations Agile Flex MEGA and Agile Flex 35D

Agile Fex MEGA tending a Mazak Integrex i-250H ST (left) and Agile Flex 35D tending a Mazak Integrex i-200ST at Logan Clutch Corporation.