Agile robotic machine loading systems news

Bringing agility to CNC automation in Australia

John Hart recently demonstrated the Agile Flex 35D robotic loading system for CNC machine tools at the Australian Manufacturing Week industry exhibition.

Australian Manufacturing Week is Australia’s premier manufacturing solutions event. This year it was hosted in the city of Melbourne between the 9th and 12th of May and achieved an unprecedented 16,000 visitors.

The John Hart stand at the exhibition received a fair share of visitors eager to see a demonstration of the Agile Flex 35D robotic loading system for CNC machine tools.

This video from the show shows the Agile Flex 35D loading and unloading a a variety of plastic demo parts into a Mazak Integrex i-250H S multi-tasking machine tool.

The four-drawer Agile Flex model with top pallet option displayed the flexibility to load a different part type from each drawer and select and run multiple processes on the machine tool.

Robot speed and position were safely managed with the use of a safety area scanner, the AgileGo! operating software and the Fanuc Dual Check Safety system allowing free access to the machine tool and operators panel for live demonstrations.

Australian machine shops face similar challenges to shops in the US, and significant benefits such as improved machine tool utilization, increased machining capacity and overall equipment effectiveness have placed the Agile Flex in a leading leading position in the Australian out-of-the-box CNC automation market.



Rapid to deploy, compact and easy to use, Agile Flex has been developed to add lights out machining at a very affordable price to any machine tool brand and CNC controller type.

The Agile Flex state of the art user interface requires no robot programming knowledge and is specifically designed to be intuitive for the CNC machine tool user. It could not be simpler to configure complex robot motion and sequences in minutes on an Agile Flex CNC machine loading system.

With up to eight drawers and an optional top mounted pallet, the Agile Flex can process up to 9 unique part numbers unattended. Combined with the ability to process castings and uneven parts, the Agile Flex brings real agility to CNC automation.