Agile robotic machine loading systems news

Agile Flex CNC machine tending system showcased by Fanuc America

Thank you to Fanuc America for showcasing our Agile Flex machine tending system in this Fanuc M-20id Series video.

Industry leaders in payload, reach and axis speed, Fanuc’s M-20iD Series robots benefit from up to 2m in reach and can handle up to 35kg. Strong yet reasonably light, the 6-axis robot's exceptional design incorporates the benefits of a hollow upper arm without compromising performance. Ideal for multi-material handling, the Fanuc M-20iD Series makes a great choice for tasks involving medium payloads.

The Agile Flex adds extended lights-out capability for CNC machine shops and does not require any robot programming experience. It is compact, easy to use and flexible – all at a market leading price.

The Agile Flex can be equipped with up to 8 drawers and a top pallet, with the unique advantage that each of the drawers and top pallet can be configured with a unique product. A single run can therefore include up to 9 unique product types and 9 unique CNC programs to be called up without any operator intervention, for runtimes exceeding 24 hours. Find out more...