Agile robotic machine loading systems news

Did you know the Agile Flex has a part turnover option?

By handling parts through a static, or pneumatically actuated regrip station the Agile Flex system is capable of executing both OP10 and OP20 operations in a multiple machining process.

This allows parts to be machined completely and returned to the drawer or pallet in a single robot operation.

Component shapes and geometry differ greatly, but with the Agile Flex dual three-jaw gripper assembly and adjustable jaw diameters, the robot can grip parts on the inside or outside surfaces through the machine tool and regrip stations.

Setup is simple through the parametrically driven Agile Go! software by inputting basic part handling and regripping information.

Multiple machining operations are selected and started on the machine tool through the work number search function, where the CNC program name is entered into the Agile Flex HMI.