Agile robotic machine loading systems news

Very compact solution for CNC machine loading of MEGA sized parts

The new Agile Flex MEGA is designed to boost CNC machining output.

Paired with a robot ranging from the 35kg payload Fanuc M20iD/35M up to and beyond the 165kg payload Fanuc R-2000iD/165FH, the Agile Flex MEGA multi-layer drawer system can be leveraged to increase unattended machining times with its MEGA part holding capacity (just 1 drawer layer can accommodate 200 x Ø1”/Ø25mm billets!), or to handle heavier billets and castings with its class-leading 400kg per drawer load rating.

Available in four, six and eight drawer versions, the Agile Flex MEGA is impressively compact with most configurations taking up no more floor space than our smaller Flex35D!

This compact and affordable CNC machine loading solution delivers MEGA productivity out of the box.

Take a look at the Agile Flex MEGA specifications.

Agile Flex MEGA CNC Machine Tool Loading System