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Extra 45% machine capacity for Oilpath Hydraulics

Now that’s bringing agility to CNC automation!

Oilpath Hydraulics have added an Agile Modular robot machine tending system to one of their two recently acquired Mazak VCN-530C vertical machining centers to increase their machining capacity.

Oilpath Hydraulics designs and manufactures systems that include integrated hydraulic control manifolds utilising HydraForce cartridge valves to provide industry-leading solutions. In 2016 Oilpath became the 5th largest international HydraForce distributor in the world.

This Agile Modular system is a customised robot platform incorporating a standard six drawer Agile35D Drawer Chest and part turnover/datum station.

The system features the FANUC CR-15iA Collaborative type robot, equipped with two OnRobot 2FG7 collaborative type grippers that can handle a range of parts without the need for gripper finger replacement or positional adjustment.

A collaborative solution was developed because two CNC machines are in very close proximity with little to no opportunity to separate the operator of the second machine from the first machine robot work area with safety fences or area scanners.

The robot and operator are able to safely share a common space due to the speed and force limitation on the robot and gripper.

Oilpath runs two work shifts, but even the extra shift did not allow them to keep up with demand for their hydraulic control valves, proprietary hydraulic valving solutions and custom hydraulic manifolds.

They were forced to send out up to 15% of their machining to sub-contractors. 

They therefore employed the Agile Modular machine tending system to increase their capacity and to eliminate their reliance on sub-contractors.

Since employing the Agile Modular system, Oilpath has gained an extra 45% of machine capacity through unmanned running at night and on weekends.

Sub-contracting has fallen to zero, and Oilpath have been able to realise these savings without any additional personnel.

Agile Modular loading system tending a Mazak VCN 530C

Agile Modular loading system for Oilpath Hydraulics