Agile robotic machine loading systems news

Jodek makes their production more Agile

Jodek have been investing heavily in the latest technology and adopting lean machining practices as part of their ongoing commitment to providing their customers with the highest standards of quality and service.
Recent changes in demand from customers in the construction industry requiring the production of larger parts and faster changeovers, above the capability of auto bar feeders, led Jopdek to invest in an Agile Flex 12D CNC machine tool loading system.

This world class solution adds extended lights-out manufacturing capability that is compact, easy to use and flexible – all at a market leading price. Maximum productivity out of the box.

The Agile Flex 12D is equipped with a Fanuc M-10iD/12 robot, three drawers, a top pallet for a fourth layer of parts, an actuated parts regrip station, and the market leading Agile Flex Cell Controller which does not require any robot programming experience.

A unique advantage of the Agile Flex 12D is that each of the three drawers and top pallet can be configured with a unique product, allowing a single run to include up to 4 unique product types and 8 unique CNC programs to be called up without any operator intervention, for runtimes exceeding 24 hours.

The sibling of the Agile Flex 35D, the Agile Flex 12D is a smaller and even more affordable machine loading system, designed specifically for smaller CNC machines.