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“We get jobs done 50% faster thanks to the Agile Modular system”

When the management at Nidec Vamco investigated options that would allow them to redeploy their machine operators to higher level assignments, they decided on Agile Modular as the best fit for the unattended loading of their Mazak Integrex i-300ST multi-tasking machine.

Agile Modular unattended loading cell for Nidec Vamco 

Pittsburgh, PA based Nidec Vamco, is the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-speed servo feeding equipment for the metal stamping industry. Their proprietary motion control technology, known as the Quantum, has led VAMCO to unique and advanced technological designs for the world’s finest high-speed press feeds.

With a high mix of parts ranging from small and lightweight, to large parts with diameters up to 12”, lengths up to 32” and weights up to 100lbs, Nidec Vamco chose the best of both worlds from the various options available within the Agile Modular part infeed range: Two Agile Modular Pallets for the large, heavy parts and an Agile Modular Drawer system for the smaller, lighter parts. This afforded them high levels of capacity and unattended runtime when running the smaller parts in the 8-layer Drawer System whilst retaining the capability to handle production of large heavy parts utilising the dockable, Modular Pallets.

Paired-up with the ever-reliable Fanuc R2000iC/165F Robot (165kg payload) featuring twin grippers for best efficiency, and featuring the class-leading Agile Cell Controller software, this Agile Modular cell is another example of the Agile Modular system being used to its fullest potential.

When it came to the final decision to choose Agile Robotic Systems for this project, management at Nidec Vamco noted that it was the easy-to-use Agile Cell Controller software with its Process Builder technology that was the driving factor.

The fact that new parts could be set up in only a few minutes and that Nidec Vamco could be completely self-sufficient during this process meant that no outside expertise would be necessary going forward.

Roy Evans, Production Manager – Mechanical at Nidec Vamco noted: “From deciding we want to run a new product in the cell, it takes less than a day to design and cut a new nest plate, create a robot program on the touch screen interface and start a batch of parts to process unattended.”

In addition, the reduced loading times and ability to run the machine for increased hours each day has increased the output from the machine considerably.

“We get jobs done 50% faster thanks to the Agile Modular system,” Roy concluded.

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