Agile robotic machine loading systems news

Agile Modular machine loading system featuring dockable part trolleys

This Agile Modular machine loading system with a FANUC M-20iA/35M robot, features a custom Agile Robotics platform, two pre-engineered, Agile Trolley modules including docks and a quality control access shuttle for  access to finished parts from outside of the cell.  

The system is designed to process large billets and castings loaded outside of the cell into the dockable Agile Trolleys, through various operations on a Mazak Integrex J200S multi-tasking machine and place the completed high-end components back onto the Agile Trolleys which, once fully completed can be wheeled out of the cell for further processing, making way for the next full Trolley of parts to be loaded.

Selectively, or by a set schedule, parts can be loaded by the robot into the quality control access shuttle.  This allows routine inspections of finished parts to be undertaken without any interruption to the production output of the system.  Additionally, operators are able to make adjustments to the machine tool from outside of the cell such as tool offsets based on the results of the part inspection.

Parts processed through the system are also cleaned and dried automatically so that chips and coolant are removed before further processing.  This process not only keeps the cell clean and tidy, but also saves operator time taken cleaning parts after machining.

The system is programmed and operated from the state of the art Agile Cell Controller, featuring a high definition 15.4” touch panel. The Agile Flex Cell Controller software offers unparalleled ease of use. It guides the user to complete complex robot motion and sequence configurations in just a few minutes, requiring no robot experience.