Agile robotic machine loading systems news

Agile Modular machine loading system in final testing before installation

This Agile Modular machine loading system with a FANUC M-10iA/12 robot, features a custom Agile Robotics platform and a pre-engineered Agile drawer module with eight drawers.

The system is designed to process plastic and aluminium billets from the drawer chest, through two operations on a Mazak QT200 lathe and delicately place the completed high-end components back into the drawer without exterior damage or marking.

The system includes a pre-engineered regrip module where the robot turns the parts over between operation 10 and operation 20 while maintaining absolute orientation of key features between the two processes.

The aluminium parts are required to be post processed after operation 20 by trimming the excess billet from the component prior to being returned to the drawer. The robot by accurately manipulates the component around a rotating 50mm blade creating a 1mm depth cut. The excess billet is captured outside the cell in a scrap bin for recycling.

The Agile drawer system can be accessed by the operator from outside the work cell while the robot is working on a drawer inside the cell. Three position drawers ensure that the robot and operator always remain at arm’s length.

The system is programmed and operated from the state of the art Agile Cell Controller, featuring a high definition 15.4” touch panel. The Agile Flex Cell Controller software offers unparalleled ease of use. It guides the user to complete complex robot motion and sequence configurations in just a few minutes, requiring no robot experience.