Agile robotic loading systems for CNC machine tools

Three levels of machine loading automation 

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Agile Flex

Compact and affordable CNC machine tool loading systems.


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Agile Modular robotic loading systems

Flexible and expandable CNC machine tool loading systems.

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Agile Engineered robotic loading systems

Machine loading systems for special purpose applications.



Unrivalled ease of use, flexibility and efficiency - see what our customers say

Tim Tremain, MTH Pumps

Tim Tremain 2“The Agile automation system insulated MTH from the effects of the pandemic.”

Derek Hyde, Jodek

Kurt Serlovsky 2“We are able to run more machines, more efficiently with the same number of staff.”

Ian Melville, G & O Kert

Ian Melville“The investment in Agile Flex is a very positive and successful part of future proofing our business.” 

Ron Agnew, Oilpath Hydraulics

Oilpath Hydraulics“Since employing the Agile Modular system, Oilpath has gained an extra 45% of machine capacity.”

Douglas Miller, Turner’s Engineering

Turners Engineering“The Agile Flex has brought about an impressive 35% increase in finished parts for Turner’s Engineering.”

Steve Nappy, Hydramech Engineering

Hydramech Engineering“We have reduced labor costs and increased production volumes across every part that goes through this machining cell.”


The most versatile robotic loading systems for CNC machine tools

Agile Flex 12D for Tennessee firearm manufacturer

Tennessee firearm manufacturer makes significant unattended run-time gains with an Agile Flex 12D. Read more...

Agile Flex orthopaedic joint production

Agile Flex brings productivity gains to major orthopaedic joint producer. Read more...

Agile Flex 35D 8 Drawer Loading HAAS Lathe

Another Agile Flex 35D helping a local USA manufacturer. Read more...


Click here to see more examples of our robotic loading systems.   



Agile Robotic Systems is a leading supplier of innovative machine loading systems to manufacturers globally

Founded on the principle of providing manufacturers with market leading technologies and first class support, we are able to draw upon a heritage of over 70 years in machine tools, and close to 40 years in automation and robotics.

Agile Robotic Systems is an American headquartered company which develops, builds, sells and supports CNC Machine Tool Loading Systems and Robotic Automations Systems.

Based upon our long held philosophy of offering well designed, extremely robust and reliable systems, our team of experienced engineers is leading the way in helping manufacturers transform their productivity. 



Keep your spindles turning

  • Best in class software, no robot skills required.
  • Designed and built by manufacturing people.
  • Successful installations across the US.
  • Rapidly deployed on any CNC machine



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Agile robotic loading systems for CNC machine tools
More profit
More flexibility
More productivity
More capacity
Get more out of your CNC machine tool
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Agile Flex CNC Machine Tool Loading System
Compact, affordable
and easy to program
machine loading
Agile Flex
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Agile Modular CNC Machine Tool Loading System
Flexible, expandable
and easy to program
machine loading
Agile Modular
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Agile Engineered Machine Loading System
Customized to your specific requirements and easy to program machine loading
Agile Engineered